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Everyone contributes. Everyone benefits.

813 people

are currently borrowing money on Puddle

  • $14.44
    16 hours ago
    To Build Trust & phone bill
  • $154
    16 hours ago
    To pay for phone bill
  • $48.15
    16 hours ago
    get thru the week
  • $27.97
    18 hours ago
    Last minute birthday present
  • $11.15
    21 hours ago
    gas money/food
to borrow when ready

Puddle connects like‑minded people.

Whether it's for your small business, starting a new project, buying a laptop for college, traveling the world, or just to cover those unexpected expenses.

How it works
  • Contribute
    Contribute as much as you'd like to your group.
  • Borrow
    Borrow up to 5x the amount you contributed.
  • Pay Back
    Pay back the money you borrowed over 3 or 6 months.

For anyone who wants a quick and fair financial tool.

Why use Puddle?

People use it because it works.

  • No credit score or application required
    Puddle is super simple to get started.
  • Pay back in 3 or 6 months
    Puddle uses easy to understand terms.
  • Based on proven microcredit systems
    Everyone contributes and works together to keep their network healthy.

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